Would you want to learn to be a hairstylist?

Being in business for over 15 years now got us thinking of ways to do more. Ana and Ina were young adults working at QB house; when the 10 minutes haircut trend began. At that time, our parents had a little salon station set up at home for friends and relatives that wanted to do more than just hair cut like colouring, straightening and perming. It was so that they can both continue doing all of what they have learnt and not just focus on just hair cutting.

The beauty of working with family is that you will always have that luxury of work-life balance and the flexibility of time although, we saw the difficulties our customers had when booking appointments. Over the years, we recruited and trained fresh graduates so that we could cater to more appointment request. Today, we are working together with our dedicated staffs and sometimes, with our children running around!

In February, we promoted one of our assistant to a Hairstylist. And, we would like to do it all over again! We believe in learning by experiencing. Therefore, we are looking for individuals who wants to learn a new skill. She must be intrigue to learn everything about hair. We want to impart knowledge once again and then let her soar in the art of hair. Would you or anyone you know want to take up this challenge?

* Be trained and groomed in 3 months to be an assistant hairstylist on full-time basis
* Have the opportunity to learn basic hairstyling, colour application and mixing colours, perming, straightening
* Be able to learn and experience all about hair and scalp care

We have 1 spot to fill for this program. Our goal is to teach you a new skill and let you grow to be a hairstylist. Would you or anyone you know want to fill this spot? Send your interest via this link and check the box Internship in the form. Please take your time to tell us more about your self. ANYTHING at all! We need to get to know you!