Circuit Breaker: Online Booking

If you have been following us on Instagram or on Facebook, you should already know the adjustments we have made:

  • We will be reducing workdays
  • We will be shortening hours at the salon

In order for these to work, we will be selecting days that has the majority of pre-arranged appointments and release slots for booking on weekly basis. These slots will also be with the 2 Director stylist, Ana and Ina as well as Hairstylist Hidayah. This also means that our schedule will not be fixed throughout the week.

For that, we have enabled 24h online booking temporarily to ease the process of arranging a slot with us during CB. You can do so by tapping/clicking on ‘Book Now’ at the top menu. You can also do the same via Facebook and Instagram. Not to worry! We are still a text message away!

Please be reminded that we will continue to implement salon rules during this time. I would like to add that we will not be accepting cash payments. Payments will need to be made by VISA, MasterCard, Amex, Nets, PayNow or PayLah.