Back at Phase 2: Salon Rules

Singapore is back at Phase 2! This is a reminder for all of us to do more on our part as a community. The salon will now be implementing new measures and pressing more on the salon rules to ensure the safety of all staff as well as customers.

Here are things you need to know before you come for your appointment:

  1. Ring the bell and wait outside. There will be temperature screening and checking in before entering the salon. You will be asked to sanitise your hands before entering. If your temperature remains high, we hope you will understand when we ask for you to return another week.
  2. You are only allowed in the salon 5 minutes before your appointment time. Please do inform us if you will be running late. We will need to recheck the schedule to ensure the next customer is not inconvenienced. We hope you will understand if we ask you to rearrange to a later time or day to avoid clashing of appointments and crowding at the waiting area. Do note that appointments are marked as No-Show and cancelled automatically if we do not hear from you within 15 minutes of your scheduled time.
  3. Bring along an extra mask to use during your appointment. It may get wet or stained during chemical services and you will want to replace it at the end of the appointment.
  4. We know that it is more convenient for you to get everything done in 1 visit. However, if you have booked a longer service with your child or elderly parent’s haircut, please arrange for someone to pick them up. They should not be waiting in the salon while you finish doing your hair.
  5. For safety and hygiene reasons, please remove earrings and/or any piercings around your ears before the start of your appointments.
  6. We love that you feel at home while you do your hair and have your food! However, it would be tricky to ensure that you have your mask on at all times. We suggest that you bring some easy snacks instead!
  7. Waiting is not allowed in the salon. Please do not bring along anyone to wait while you do your hair. For parents, do not bring along your children if they do not have a hair appointment.
  8. No more than 2 person is allowed in the waiting area. Please wait outside and we will call you in once your stylist is ready.
  9. If you have booked your appointment together with a friend or a family member, we hope you will understand if we cannot place both of you together while you do your hair. We will certainly try our best to have you seated together!
  10. Thank you for being early! However, the seats might not be ready for you if you reach way before your appointment time. We hope you can understand if we ask you to return later or to wait outside. Try to reach just about 5 minutes before. At least the heat outside won’t be too uncomfortable for you if you have to wait.
  11. We cannot allow re-entering the salon. Smoking will have to wait for after you finish your appointment.

See you at the salon!