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10 Things To Know About Hair Colouring [Muslim- Themed]

By IfrahhinaCreative Director of Vybe’s Hairdressing

A couple of months ago, I had come up with an infographic as suggested by a dear friend to summarise some points that I feel my friends who were enquiring a lot on halal hair dyes would benefit from knowing.These are just basic information on hair colouring and hair dyes to give you a clearer idea of what’s being applied to your hair during a colouring process. In case the image does not appear clear on your screen, read them below!

10 Things To Know About Hair Colouring [Muslim- Themed]

  1. There are 3 main types of hair dyes: Permanent, semi-permanent and temporary.
  2. Depending on the type of dye used, peroxide may or may not be necessary.
  3. Peroxide is a developer that is used to mix with colour and bleach to help open up the hair cuticle during colouring process.
  4. Bleaching is stripping off natural and artificial colour pigments from your hair.
  5. Highlighting, balayage, ombre are some of the technique hairstylists use in hair colouring. They are not a kind of colour.
  6. Henna is a vegetable hair dye(herbal) and does not require developer. Yes, it coats the hair.
  7. Permanent dyes do not coat hair. Semi-permanent dyes coat partially while temporary dyes coat fully.
  8. Halal hair dyes do not necessarily mean it will not coat your hair.
  9. Halal hair dye simply means there are no ingredients in it that comes from animals. It still has alcohol. Therefore, be mindful of the type of dye when choosing a hair colour.
  10. Colouring your hair black after you damage it only makes it look healthy but does no make it healthy enough for another chemical hair job.