Creative Director

Ifrahhina Hashim


From past time to passion -This aptly describes Ina’s hairdressing journey thus far. Not everyone can equate their job to a past time. However, Ina’s passion in hairstyling was evident in how she arranged for haircuts from home even outside her official working hours. Through this, she has managed to build rapport with many customers which greatly aids in the process of communicating the hairstyle desired. With Ina, you may come in requesting for straight hair and come out of the salon with luscious thick curls instead. This is only because you can count on Ina to be brutally honest in your hair consultations, often peppering advice on how best to manage your hair, all in the midst of providing a hair makeover best suited for you. Famed for her quick haircuts, Ina is able to provide haircuts for a record 50 people on a busy day. Just how quick you may ask? Well, let’s just say that you might not want to blink your eye in the process, as your tresses might be transformed even faster than you can spell V-Y-B-E-S, figuratively speaking of course!

If this does not impress you yet, you may add make-up artist to Ina’s portfolio. As a freelance make-up artist, Ina provides make-up services for various occasions – from Prom Night makeovers to bridal make-up. If sweet and simple is what you are, then Ina is the one you should be looking for.

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