Is the salon for ladies only?

Vybe’s Hairdressing is a unisex salon. However, we do have a covered section catered to customers wearing hijab.

Do I need to book an appointment?

Yes. We operate by appointment only. You can call 68760141 or WhatsApp 85172809 for bookings and inquiries and we will be in touch with you soonest! For email and website inquiries, please allow us at least one working day to reply you.

How early do I have to book my appointment?

Available slots are subject to the service you wish to do as well as the crew’s working schedule. It would be best if bookings are made at least 1 day in advance. However, we strongly advise you to book weekend slots at least 2 – 3 weeks in advance.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

It’s alright! We would really appreciate a 24-hour notice.

What if I am late for my appointment?

We would really appreciate a call at least before your actual scheduled appointment.  Depending on how late you are and what service you will be doing, we may or may not need to reschedule the appointment so that the next scheduled client is not inconvenienced. We will however do our best to accommodate your service needs.

Nevertheless, if we do not hear anything from you by the next 20 minutes after your appointment time, we hope you can understand when we have to give up your slot to someone else.

I have a busy schedule and I can’t seem to get a slot during my available time. Help!

This normally happens for weekend slots. Since October 2012, we started operating by appointments only because our slots are quickly booked by clients who come in 3 weeks once. If you can’t beat them, join them! Our advice to you is, book your next hair appointment as soon as you are done for your hair appointment that day.

Meanwhile, we have a waitlist for anyone to leave their name on so that in case there’s a cancellation, we could slot in a replacement hopefully by at least a day before the available slot. You could try that too

Do you accept walk-ins? Perhaps for just a haircut.

As we operate by appointments only, there are many days that we have our appointments back to back and there is very little time for us to take a short break. We really do not want to disappoint you especially when you have to travel far to reach us!

What is the operating hours?

Operating hours are based on the appointments for that day. The earliest timeslot will be at 10am. Depending on the service(s) you are booking, the cut-off time for chemical hair services is at 4pm, 4.30pm for treatments and 5.45pm for haircut.

Why is there a wide range of prices for some of the services?

All our prices are generally dictated by cost associated to the service such us product usage for your hair as well as the time taken to do your hair.

Can I drop by for a consultaion?

You can certainly drop by for more enquiries. Full consultations with hairstylist will have to be during your appointment time when you are ready to do your hair.

Do you provide massages during hair washes?

There are no massages for all hair services except for scalp treatment.

What mode of payment do you have?

We accept cash, NETS, AMEX, Visa and Master cards payments. We also accept contactless card payment for bills below $100.

For more inquiries, you may send them here.

Last updated 11/10/19.