Mr. Hashim Mohamed had dabbled in small businesses with over 30 years of experience. Having gone through the bittersweet yet rewarding path that business has to offer, it was his hope that his daughters could one day have a business to call their own. It was this vision that compelled Mr. Hashim to send his two eldest daughters, namely Erfanah Hashim and Ifrahhina Hashim, to a hairstyling academy upon their completion of ‘O’ Levels. They then proceeded to work for about 2 years at a couple of salons where they had firsthand experience in hairdressing.

In October 2003, Erfanah and Ifrahhina, or more amicably known to customers as “Ana” and “Ina” first opened the humble doors of Vybe’s Hairdressing to eager customers, most of whom then were their friends. Together, the sisters passionately devoted their time to transforming the tresses of many happy customers. The need for expansion was evident as Vybe’s started seeing increased patronage and support from customers, both new and regular ones, thanks to word of mouth. In a bid to meet this increasing demand, Vybes Hairdressing expanded in 2009 from a shop space for 4 to one with double the capacity, much to the delight of customers.