Erfanah Hashim


Cool, calm and collected – That is Ana for you! If looks could kill, she might have killed many. However, do not be fooled by her sweet disposition for Ana is a thrill-seeker. She has gone for bungee jumping in picturesque New Zealand and hopes to skydive one day. Ana is also one who is open to new experiences. If this was evident during her teenage years, it would be that at 15, she attended a floral arrangement course surrounded by middle-aged participants.

Her thirst for a challenge parallels her attitude towards hair styling. Ana feels that endless creativity is an essential aspect of hairstyling, more so as customers are constantly looking at different hairstyles with each visit to the salon. If you are in a search of a radical change in hairstyle or are torn between two hairstyles, you can count on Ana to be attentive and lay out the pros and cons of each hairstyle for you. While hairstyling is Ana’s first love, she feels that the management of a salon is definitely a different ballgame altogether. According to Ana, “At the end of the day, we are building a brand. It is more than just a haircut.” As such, it remains Ana’s priority that customers leave the shop with a smile on their faces.

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