The Crew

Shaikha Hashim

Salon Manager

Shaikha is the youngest of the 3 sisters. She is in charge of the operations in the salon and always mistaken for Ina.

Nur Hidayah


Hidayah was trained and groomed from her graduating years in Hair Fashion in ITE and for another 2 full years as the sisters’ Assistant Hairstylist. She does haircuts, colouring, straightening, and all treatments. She is the most youthful and bold among us. If you step into the salon and see someone with crazy hair colour, that’s her!


Assistant Hairstylist

The new energy currently being trained as an assistant by the sisters. She is aspiring to be her own stylist and is very new to haircuts.


Assistant Hairstylist

She is personally trained by the sisters from scratch. She currently enjoys straightening procedures and is very chatty.