COVID 19 Salon Rules

In light of COVID 19, we urge all customers to adhere to the following salon rules for the safety of our customers and crew members:

  • The salon operates strictly by appointment.
  • All payments are to be made by card only. No cash payments.
  • Please ensure that you have QR scanner in your phone for SafeEntry check in and out.
  • We aim to spend 10 – 15 minutes for each haircut. Please reschedule your appointment if you are going to be late. This is to avoid overlapping of appointments and crowding in the salon.
  • Waiting is not allowed in the salon. Please arrive according to your time slot.
  • You are only allowed to arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time. This is to avoid crowding in the waiting area and to refrain from re-entering the salon.
  • Group bookings are not allowed. For elderly caretakers and parents of young children, you are only allowed to come for your appointment(s) in a pair based on the earlier (e.g. 3pm) if you have booked 2 consecutive slots.
    i.e 3.00pm 1 parent + 3.20pm 1 child and 3.00pm 1 caretaker + 3.20pm 1 elderly
  • Do not bring along additional persons without an appointment as this will also affect the number of persons allowed in the salon at a single time.
  • If you have any flu-like symptoms, please reschedule your appointment when you are well.
  • Please reschedule your appointment if you have been overseas or have entered any dormitories in the last 21 days.
  • Please reschedule if you are serving a QUARANTINE ORDER, LEAVE OF ABSENCE, STAY HOME NOTICE or 5 days MC.
  • Do not leave behind any litter in the drawer in front of you after you are done with your appointment.

We hope for everyone’s cooperation. Thank you for your kind understanding.